Monday, October 21, 2019

MediaTheory: Chomsky and the Propaganda Model (W9-P1) F19

Let's jump straight into coverage of Noam Chomsky and his critical theory perspective.
We'll do this with the documentary Manufacturing Consent (1992).

The above documentary gives a good summary of Chomsky and his ideas as they relate to media, especially the news media.  If you are interested, you might want to also consult Chomsky and Herman's book Manufacturing Consent (1988). Also, if you are interested, you might want to see this clip from the documentary film "The Myth of the Liberal Media" (1998).

Now, let's update Chomsky and his ideas.
What about current examples of the 5 filters from the Propaganda Model?

How does Chomsky's critical theory perspectives apply to Google and Facebook?

Surveillance capitalism: "the unilateral claiming of private human experience as free raw material for translation into behavioral data" (2019).

More recently these general critical theory perspectives have become part of national and international news as they relate to U.S. presidential elections.  Netflix's documentary The Great Hack (2019) explores the concepts of surveillance capitalism and data exploitation (see the trailer below).  If you are interested and have Netflix, you might want to watch the doc.  As you are watching it, ask yourself how do Chomsky's ideas fit in?

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