Saturday, April 7, 2012

GlobalMedia: International Public Relations: Case Study of U.S. Military Image in Afghanistan (U6-P4)

A case study is a method of teaching in which students are presented with a problematic scenario or case.  A case is an example or illustration of a problem or challenge.

Case studies are some times used in law classes and some times in public relations classes, for example.

After a case is presented there is a common method used in PR courses.
  1. Define/describe the PR problem.
  2. Give ways for addressing or solving this problem.
  3. List resources needed for implementing solution(s).
  4. Give a timetable for implementation.
  5. State expected impact of solution.
  6. How did you use intercultural skills?

Intercultural skills to keep in mind when working through the international P.R. case
  • Be mindful
    • Be thoughtful, aware of differences
  • Be patience
    • It may be difficult at first
  • Be open-minded
    • Consider other ways of doing things, other views
  • Be tolerance of ambiguity
    • Things may not make sense. Be comfortable with uncertainty

Now, let's do a case.
Check out the following news videos about three recent incidents between the U.S. military and the people of Afghanistan.  As you are watching these, starting thinking about the above info.  What would you do to rebuild a better relationship between the U.S. military and the people of Afghanistan?

Quran Burning Sparks Angry Afghan Protest (Associated Press - Feb. 2012)

Click on the following links for the two other news videos. Sorry, can't embed them here.

What would you do to rebuild a better relationship between the U.S. military and the people of Afghanistan?

Also, now go through the method given above (i.e., 1. Define/describe the P.R. problem, etc.).  Also don't forget to think about how you'd use your intercultural skills in doing this P.R. work.

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