Monday, December 9, 2013

"Learn what most schools don't teach" (My New Fav YouTube Video) [VID]

I just added this video as a favorite on my YouTube channel.

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See Video: Learn what most schools don't teach

Description: "Have you done your Hour of Code yet? Join millions of others at: Cast in order of appearance: Leigha Benford (CS student) Tanya Parker (CS student) Angela Bassett (Actress) Kenna (Recording Artist) Dwight Howard (NBA player) Gregory Shelby (Barista) Nas (Recording artist) IM5 (Band) Warren Sapp (NFL Hall-of-famer) Thomas Suarez (CS student) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Actress) Shakira (Recording artist) Ashton Kutcher (Actor) Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor JR Hildebrand (Indy race car driver) Janice Mak's computer class of 3rd and 4th graders Asher Bradshaw (skateboard prodigy) John Pistone (retired Navy) Raquel Allegra (fashion designer) Tricia Donegan (Yoga instructor) Bren Cohee (Surfer) Bill Gates (Microsoft founder, technologist, and philanthropist) President Barack Obama Construction worker Sarah Serrano (retired Army) Dr. Banafsheh Bayati (Doctor) Mike Hopkins (NASA Astronaut) Rick Mastracchio (NASA Astronaut) Susan Wojcicki (SVP at Google) Yassi and Lili (Students) Hadi Partovi ( Founder & CEO) Elizabeth Billings (Student) James Gwertzman ( Chief Evangelist) Student in Colombia (Fundacion Pies Descalvos) Parmida (Student) Gavin (Student) Avid (Student) Lilia Luciano (Journalist) 4-year-old Sofia (Student) 70-year-old Firooz (Retired professor) Juri Wang (Video game developer) Fishmonger Student in Kenya Carly Rae Jepsen (Recording artist) Kamya Parekh (Student) Ali Partovi with family ( co-founder) Steve Jobs (appearing with permission of his estate) Erica Khosrowshahi (Student) The Clisham family (Students) Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook founder, technologist) Monique Coleman (Actress) Chris Bosh (NBA player) Governor Jeb Bush Senator Cory Booker ("selfie" videos from students doing the Hour of Code from around the world) Macklemore (Ben Haggerty), voice-only (Recording artist) Directed and produced by: Nicole Ehrlich and James Gwertzman Executive producers: Hadi and Ali Partovi Edited by: Harvey White Casting by: Lessall Casting Special thanks to: Everyone who helped this video happen, including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the NASA press office, Lauren Selig, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Factory Films, Casey Wasserman & Wasserman Media Group, the Steve Jobs estate and Emerson collective, Magnolia Films,'s generous donors, and all of our supporters around the world who contributed "selfie" videos. Every "student" in the film wrote at least one line of code. Anybody can learn. Http://"

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