Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GlobalMedia: International Adaptations and the Fall 2014 U.S. Television Schedule

I was just doing some Internet searching for this fall's U.S. TV schedule and I noticed something.

Below are five of the new shows coming this fall.  The following program descriptions come from epguides.com.

Jane the Virgin (CW)
"A devout young Latina woman must decide what to do after her doctor's error causes her to be artificially inseminated. Based on the Venezuelan telenova Juana La Virgen."

Utopia (2014) (Fox)
"Contestants compete to create an ideal society over a year's time in an isolated location with no pre-determined rules. Based on the Dutch series."

Red Band Society (Fox)
"A group of teens form a community as a result of being long-term patients in the pediatric ward of a Los Angeles hospital. Based on the Spanish (Catalan) series Polseres Vermelles."

The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)
"A police officer balances her professional life as a homicide detective with her personal life as a single mother of twins. Based on the Spanish series Los Misterios de Laura."

Gracepoint (Fox)
"Detectives investigate the mysterious death of a young boy in a small beach town. Based on the UK series Broadchurch."

Of the 24 new prime-time shows from the major networks, at least five are international adaptations; three of which are on Fox.

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