Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TV Game Shows and Gamification in the Classroom (II) - Fa14

As a follow up to my earlier post on on using TV game shows to gamify the classroom, I'd like to suggest another TV game show.

Pictionary and related games

Watch at least the beginning of the video clip to get a sense of how the game is played.

In the classroom setting students would be divided up into teams to compete against each other.  The teacher would show the drawer a word or phrase (a term from the course) and then they would have to draw until one of their teammates guessed the word.  In between terms, the teacher can use that time to discuss the terms and cover any questions.

This game format would probably work better in a more visually oriented course like photography.  However, it can turn out to be fun in other classes as well.

Rules for the drawer: Can’t write words, letters or numbers. Have to draw an image or images (picture or pictures).

The teacher will probably need the help of a few students to serve as judges.  The teacher may want to share the terms with the judges.

Notes to judges:
  • For learning purposes, you may want to play along and think about how you would draw the word or phrase.
  • Need you to keep time. Each team has 1 minute to guess the word. Start your timing when the team member begins drawing and stop when you hear the word or phrase said by one of the other team members. Record how long it took them to answer.
  • Keep score: If they answer within 1 to 15 seconds, then they earn 400 points. 16 to 30 seconds = 300 points. 31-45 seconds = 200 points. 46-60 seconds = 100 point.
  • After each round announce the total scores.
  • If needed, you (the judges) and your teacher will vote to determine if right answer is given and perhaps how to divide up any points.

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