Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DigPhotog: Basic Tech: Film vs. Digital and Steps to Taking a Digital Photograph [VID] (W7-P2) Sp15

So, advances in technology have brought us the digital camera.  But, just because it is new tech, does that mean digital photography is better than film photography?

Compared to traditional film photography, what are the benefits of digital photography?   In the video below, two benefits are offered.*  To that list we can add: (3) digital photography allows for a smaller storage space and (4) digital photography allows for easy editing.

Note the key photography terms defined in the video?  Watch for the missspelling in the clip?

So, it can be argued that digital is better.  But, how to take a digital photograph?  What is the process? What are the steps in the process?

Technical Steps to Taking a Photograph (camera set-up, etc.)

If you are looking for videos that explain the technical basics of digital photography, I'd recommend Brian Ratty's video series (Digital Photography - The Camera (Tutorial DVD)).  The videos are now a little dated, but still cover the basics well.  Of course, there is good content on YouTube as well.

*Note that the video is a little dated. He says, for example, that film photography is still the standard. That is no longer the case.

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