Sunday, April 12, 2015

GlobalMedia: Doing Some P.R. Work for the U.S. State Department (W14-P3) Sp15

Let's pretend that we are doing some public relations/advertising work for the U.S. State Department.  They want us to (1) promote a good image of the U.S. abroad and (2) promote tourism to the U.S.

What could we do?  How would we do that?

Where would we do that?  Let's say we focus on places where people first have contact with the U.S., in airports and in U.S embassies abroad.

As for the what, how about we put together a short video to be shown in the airports and embassies.

Think very carefully about what you would be in that video and why.

No, no.  Don't read on.  Seriously, think about what you'd put in the video and why.

O.K., now read on.

This above scenario actually played out few years back.  It actually happened.  Let's see how your ideas match up with those actually carried out.  Let's look at a series of videos.

A CNN News Report

The Actual Video Shown in Airports and Embassies
(See at least the first minute and the last minute to get a good feel for the video.)

The Making of the Portraits of America Video

Do you think this "Portraits of America" video was effective, based upon what you've see above?
Would you have done anything differently?

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