Thursday, June 25, 2015

"How Accurate Should Movies Be? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios" (My New Liked Vid on YouTube) [VID]

How Accurate Should Movies Be? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

"Why don't the dinosaurs have feathers?? Tweet us! Idea Channel Facebook! Talk about this episode on reddit! Idea Channel IRC! Email us! pbsideachannel [at] gmail [dot] com Neil DeGrasse Tyson has made a small game out of decrying the factual inaccuracies of popular movies, but do these noted inaccuracies actually…matter? On one hand, showing the dinosaurs in Jurassic World without feathers is a scientific error, but what about the fact that Jurassic World exists at all? Isn’t it just fantasy? Does it matter that in Gravity, gravity itself seemed to not necessarily obey our current understanding of it? Join Mike on this week’s episode of Idea Channel as he looks at what works of fiction may or may not owe to actual reality. ~~ASSETS~~ 00:28 Neil deGrasse Tyson Reaction "Badass Over Here" - The Origin of Memes 1:01 Jurassic Park was ahead of its time. Jurassic World is not. | Observatory #9 1:46 Falcon Catches Drake Gadwall 1:48 phillipines HAwk with gopro 2:13 Amazing Dinosaurs for KIDS 2:16 AMERICA REVEALED | Traffic Trouble in LA | PBS 4:58 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) Making of & Behind the Scenes (Part1/2) 5:21 Orange Is The New Black: Behind the Scenes Footage Part 1 (Broll) 6:06 Little Snowflake | Super Simple Songs 7:56 Beyond the CSI Effect: Forensics 8:09 Throwing Graduation Caps in the air ~~COMMENTS~~ Dashery ctcassian shiretsu Wesley Whiteside Brian Knudson Alejandro Chavez Sarah Fogg TheSaxRunner05 Amit Schiller The Feminist Baker And Via Twitter @warwrdandmeansgns ~~MUSIC~~ "Europe" by Roglok ( "Level 5" by Room for the Homeless ( "Bouncy Castle" by Roglok ( ":P" by Roglok ( "Squarehead" by Roglok ( "Number Cruncher" by Roglok ( "Little Birthday Acid" by Roglok ( "Topskore" by Roglok ( "Anti Vanishing Spray" by Roglok ( "Tarty Prash" by Roglok ( "Carry on Carillon" by Roglok ( "Uptown Tennis Club" by Roglok ( "Squarehead" by Roglok ( "Dream Of Autumn" by Night Shift Master "Insert Toy For Coin" by Eatme ( "Dizor" by Outsider "Lets go back to the rock" by Outsider "Something like this" by Outsider Written and hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) (who also has a podcast! Reasonably Sound: ) Made by Kornhaber Brown ("
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