Thursday, October 15, 2015

MassMedia: Audio Media: Parts of a Song (W8-P1) [VID]

There are a variety of genres of popular music: blues, country, rock, pop, rap, etc.

No matter your favorite genre of music, generally the song lyrics are structured in the same way.

Parts of Popular Songs (Lyrics)
  • Title
  • Intro* -- unique section before 1st verse
  • Verse -- 2 or more sections; different words, but similar music and lyrical structure.
  • Chorus (aka: refrain, hook, etc.) -- section which is repeated in song
  • Bridge* -- connects 2 parts of song; different musically and lyrically; may replace 3rd verse; “pleasant surprise”
  • Outro (aka: coda, tag, etc.)* -- additional “lyrics” tagged on after the final verse/chorus
* Optional

Watch and listen to the following and see if you spot the parts.  Which parts?  Where?

Try to spot the parts in your favorite songs.

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