Tuesday, November 10, 2015

HistMedia: TV Technologists: Farnsworth, Sarnoff & Zworykin (W12-P2) Fa15

Now let's return to our discussion of media technologists, the creators, the inventors of media.

Previously we studied the creation of radio by looking at the lives of de Forest, Armstrong and Sarnoff.

Next, we turn to TV technologists.  Note that Sarnoff returns to play a role in the beginnings of television too.

While Sarnoff did play an important role in the beginnings of TV, note that Sarnoff is more on the business side of things as he was with radio.  Who are the key inventors that deserve attention when talking about the beginnings of TV?

Here we study the creation of TV via a recent National Geographic Channel documentary titled AMERICAN GENIUS FARNSWORTH VS. SARNOFF.

Note that, as clearly stated at the beginning of the film, this NGC doc "includes dramatizations inspired by history."

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