Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Early Stories of Philip K. Dick (Table of Contents)

I have not found this table of contents information any other place.  So, I decided to compile it myself and post it here for any fan, SF writer or researcher who may have an interest.

Table of Contents for
The Early Stories of Philip K. Dick
(an audio anthology)

TitleYr PubAudio Chap
"Beyond Lies the Wub"(1952)1-5
"Beyond the Door"(1954)6-8
"The Hanging Stranger"(1953)9-16
"Mr. Spaceship"(1953)17-31
"The Gun"(1952)32-38
"Tony and the Beetles"(1953)39-45
"The Eyes Have It"(1953)46-47
"The Variable Man"(1953)48-83
"Second Variety"(1953)84-106
"The Skull"(1952)107-118
"The Crystal Crypt"(1954)119-129
"Piper in the Woods"(1953)130-140
"The Defenders"(1953)141-151

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