Monday, November 12, 2018

MediaTheory: Ethics, Research Ethics & the IRB (W13-P5) Fa18

Ethics: "the rules or standards for proper behavior in any given situation" (Stewart, Principles of Research in Communication).

Who?  How?

Research ethics then could be defined as the rules or standards for proper behavior when conducting research.

Who?  How?

What is the role of university research review boards?  How's this fit in with research ethics?

Human Subjects Review Board (or Institutional Review Boards):
“It is university policy that all projects involving risk to human subjects must be approved by the University Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects for Funded Research. Approval is based on established university, state and sponsoring agency guidelines for the protection of the rights and welfare of subjects at risk”

Why have IRBs?

What are some of the regulations regarding research and IRBs?
So, getting IRB approval would be a time-consuming task for researchers, yes?

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