Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Definition of Popular Culture

"Popular culture refers to those systems or artifacts that most people share and that most people know about. For those who identify with playing for a symphony orchestra, there is an interrelated ... But television is an immensely rich world of popular culture, as nearly everyone watches television and , even if not everyone sees the same shows, they are likely to know in general about the shows that they do not see. In speaking of popular culture, then, we are concerned with things, like television, that are part of the everyday experience of most people."
(Brummett, 1994, p.21).

TV shows = artifacts/texts

This study looks at rhetorical messages in TV shows that promote anti-prejudice practices.
Because this study looks at the rhetorical messages in popular culture (TV specifically), then I refer to the type of entertainment education research that I'm doing as popular entertainment education.

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