Thursday, December 10, 2009

Patterson Writes Mysteries?

Earlier tonight I dropped by my local Barnes and Noble to see what James Patterson books they had.  I first searched the mystery section of the store, but didn't find any Patterson there.  I asked the salesperson at the information desk where I'd find Patterson's work and why.  Well, I actually knew the where.  It was in the "Literature and Fiction" section.   

It was the answer to the why-question that was more interesting.  The salesperson said the publisher decides (at least in B&N's case) what section of the store in which the book is placed.  The salesperson mentioned also just a few weeks ago the publisher told B&N to move Patterson's teen novels to the "Literature & Fiction" section. However, they moved the teen novel back because, I assume, sales went down.

What section should Patterson's Cross and WMC novels be placed?  Mystery?  Are these mysteries novels?  What is a mystery?

To be continued...

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