Saturday, December 26, 2009

Prologue & Purpose

This is a research blog about mystery writing for television, novels, video games, etc.. This research blog and companion web site serve as my set of notes and data for my research projects on mystery writing. Look at this research blog as a work-in-progress, as an online draft of my final papers. In this case, you get to look over my shoulder as I work through these research ideas. See my profile to send email or post comments to the posts below.

The overall purpose of this research blog and companion website is to better understand how mysteries are written. Over time, this research blog and site will cover a variety of research topics related to mystery writing. 

The current focus of this research blog is on the portrayal of women in mysteries. Specifically, the focus is on how the women crime-solvers are portrayed in the Women's Murder Club novel series and in the WMC TV series. Ultimately, from a feminist perspective, the questions are how are women portrayed in the WMC stories and, more broadly, how should women be portrayed in mystery stories?

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