Sunday, March 31, 2013

GlobalMedia: International Advertising & Public Relations: Campaigns & Culture (U7-P2) Sp13

A campaign is “an operation or series of operations energetically pursued to accomplish a purpose: an advertising campaign for a new product; a candidate's political campaign” (American Heritage Dictionary)

An advertising campaign for a certain new product could contain a "series of operations" like

  • putting out press releases to the news media,
  • putting ads in newspapers and
  • posting a viral video on YouTube about the new product.

The purpose of all these "operations" is to encourage purchase of the product.

Now, what about going global?

According to McPhail,
"There are three strategic models for planning global campaigns: standardized, adaptive, and country-specific.  In the standardized model, strategy is formed at the global headquarters and implemented in all operating areas [same or very similar in all countries].  In the adaptive model, a basic strategy [given from head-quarters] is adapted appropriately for each country where it will be implemented.  In a country-specific model, the strategic planning is shaped to fit one country [,more grass-roots]" (Global Communication: Theories, Stakeholders, and Trends)

Let's say we are doing advertising for the multinational corporation, McDonald's.  As part of the campaign that we are managing, they want 30 second TV ads for their new salads.  They want to sell salads (or localized versions of salads) around the world in many different countries.  Using each of the above models, how would this be done?  See any benefits or drawbacks to each approach?  What about in terms of costs and effectiveness?

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