Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt Invites you to Hit RECord on TV!" (My New Fav YouTube Video) [VID]

I just added this video as a favorite on my YouTube channel.

Originally uploaded to YouTube by hitrecord.

See Video: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Invites you to Hit RECord on TV!

Description: "BIG NEWS: We're gonna be on TV! "Hit RECord on TV" is gonna be a new kind of variety show. I'll host the show and also direct our global online community to create short films, live performances, music, animation, conversation, and of course, more! Each episode will be focused on a different theme. And like always, anybody with an internet connection is invited to contribute. I'm super excited to get started! Are you RECording? J == CREDITS Editor: Dr. Gory Audio Resources: Cristo Video Resources: RegularJOE SamYam TanjaTHEAwesome tori IrmaVep 1242 Kubi themetafictionist xobreexo23 WunderBoy MarieIv bsmith marcellepallais beautiful_kitsch Moreldi Attilee MattConley Schueller Lawrie Brewster jenyffer.maria Dr. Gory tarinanderson tdolan LydiaSaskia Metaphorest KamPAIGN mirtle eaneikciv Lizziemackie alpal ppeppina thefuture Edward Shallow Proi Lucyfur evilralphwiggum dan noiseball jehuGarcia Gimik Jo pprescott sfdetroiter via sojushots UncoolMrV bedelia bniemack mushr Badwolf88 teafaerie Ryan Patrick Busybaby32 fraeulein CameronSmith PhilthHarmonic maddog06 cerebis YoussefAbdelmohsen == Come Work With Us!"

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