Wednesday, April 2, 2014

TV Game Shows and Gamification in the Classroom

In a previous post I covered the idea of gamifying the classroom.  Let's add to that idea by looking at what TV game shows can be used in a classroom.

One popular TV game show format used in classrooms is that found in Jeopardy.

A teacher can use this format by re-working their course content and putting it into a Jeopardy board layout using, for example, the website called Jeopardy Labs.  I find that this site works well.

Another TV game show that I'd recommend for in class use is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

The online instructional tool called Socrative works well when doing WWTBAM in the classroom.  A few other quick suggestions: (1) Call it 'Hot Seat' because a student will be put in a chair in the front of the classroom and the pressure will be on them.  (2) At least at first, have two students be the 'contestant'.  Let them talk out answers for their classmates to hear.  (3) Speaking of classmates, they should be playing along and coming up with answers (not out loud, though).  The classmates can also serve as life-lines for the contestants if contestants don't know an answer. (4) Possible life-lines: call a classmate, hint from prof., poll the class, etc.

The last game show I'll suggest right now is Password.

[The rules are given and the game gets started at about 2:30 in.]

This can be a fun one.  Just take key terms from the course to have the student contestants give hints and guess the term/password. Make sure that other students are playing along.

When introducing students to these games, I'd suggest using the clips given above to help students get a sense of how the game works.  For other related clips you can check out my Game Show Gamification YT playlist.

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