Tuesday, September 29, 2015

HistMedia: The Deep Roots of Communication Study- DARWIN (W6-P2) Fa15

Now, as a means of priming our interest in discussion of Darwin, let's take a look at the BBC documentary Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life.

Can you give a timeline of Darwin's life and the development of his ideas?

Let's take a look specifically from 0:00 to 30:00 in the clip.

Now that we have the basics down in terms of Darwin's life and his ideas, we'll follow up next week with some discussion of Darwin and his influence on a variety of communication sub-disciplines.

We'll also take a look at Marx and his influence.

In the week after we'll shift our focus to the prominent early media scholars Harold Lasswell and Paul Lazarsfeld.  How did the early works of Darwin, Freud and Marx influence Lasswell and Lazarsfeld? Other early communication scholars?  There is a lineage here.  There is an intellectual family tree.  If you excuse the metaphor, there is an evolution of ideas.

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