Tuesday, December 1, 2015

HistMedia: Social Media and Web 2.0: Facebook and the Zuckerberg Story (W15-P2) Fa15

In our coverage of the history of media, we've taken a biographical approach.  We have studied some of the people especially relevant to the history of media.  We have covered media scholars (and their media theories and related concepts).  We have covered media technologists (and their media technologies).

We close our study of the history of media by looking at one last (and more recent) biography, that of Mark Zuckerberg (and Facebook).

How did Facebook come to be? What is Mark Zuckerberg's story?

Fact and Fiction

You might know some of the story from the 2010 film, The Social Network.

However, is the film based on the fact?  What does Zuckerberg object to?

If you are curious, you might also want to check out a recent article "Zuckerberg reveals he found The Social Network 'hurtful'."

A documentary or news story would be a better way of getting to the true story.

If you are curious, you might also want to check out a full bio on Bloomberg's Game Changers series.

How is his story similar to past media tech visionaries?

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