Sunday, November 29, 2009

Abstract for Paper (Draft 1)

Texts to be Analyzed:
  • James Patterson's 8 Women's Murder Club novels.
  • The 4 Women's Murder Club video games (3 PC and 1 DS).
Justification for Artifacts/Texts:
  • James Patterson novels popular.
  • No or very little scholarly attention to Patterson's "light" novels (as opposed to say King's).
  • Video games new.
  • Study of video games relatively new.
  • Video games more and more popular.
Justification for Study
  • Offer practical advice on video game design, specifically for mystery game design.
  • Provide some theoretical insight on transmedia narratology in the context of mystery narratives.
  • Give some insight on the narratology-ludology debate in video game studies.
Research Questions
  • How best to design mystery video games?
  • How do mystery narratives change when going from novel to video game?
  • Are video games stories/narratives?
  • Narrative analysis (diegesis, storyg, storyc, narrative cohesion, narrative fidelity, preferred reading, etc.)

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