Thursday, February 16, 2012

GlobalMedia: Intercultural Comm & International/Global Comm (U1-P3)

Define intercultural communication.
How does intercultural communication compare to global/international communication?

Some definitions for intercultural communication:

  • "Communication between people of different cultures, subcultures, or subgroup identifications" (Jandt).
  • "...process in which people from different cultures create shared meaning" (Lustig & Koester).
  • "dyadic or small group (interpersonal) communication between people of different cultures."

Which are examples of intercultural communication?

  • A Japanese student interacting with a U.S. American professor.
  • A German working with a Russian on an international research project.
  • A Chinese wife talking with her U.S. American husband.
  • A long-distance telephone conversation between an Iranian in Iran and a U.S. American in the United States.
  • President Obama talking with German leader.

Distinguish between intercultural communication and international/global communication.

Intercultural Communication
International/Global Communication
Between cultures
Between nations
Non-governmental communication
Governmental communication
Interpersonal communication
Mass-mediated communication

Source: Hart, 1992 and Harms, 1973.

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