Thursday, February 16, 2012

GlobalMedia: National Sovereignty and Transborder Data Flow (U2-P3)

Explain the issue of international communication, TDF, and national sovereignty.

Sovereignty*: “a country’s right to protect its borders from military aggression; to preserve its natural wealth and resources; and to choose its political, social, economic, and cultural systems without interference by another state”(Frederick, p.121).

TDF (transborder data flow): the flow of banking, insurance, credit and other similar information across national boundaries via mainly computer networks (a.k.a. TBDF).

Some countries “farm” their data management tasks out to other countries (mainly U.S.). Issues?

Information is Power!!

Other examples:
Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS).... spillover
Remote-sensing satellites used to gather information from the Earth’s surface.

Does one country have the right to gather information about another country via remote-sensing satellites?

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