Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mass Media in the News (Week of 10/7/12) -- Jay-Z, Jobs & No More Textbooks [VID]

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  1. In the comment section of the story about Madonna there was an overabundance of negative comments about her remarks, acts, motive, etc. What I think is noteworthy about Madonna is that she is aware of what’s going on in the world around her. Many, many performers travel the world. They do their shows, collect their money, and leave. I like the fact that she takes the time to learn something about the places she travels to and about the people who live there.

    1. Entertainers have the power to persuade? For good or for bad?

  2. In re protest songs: another one of the freedoms we take for granted is the ability to say pretty much anything we want in our music. In the summary he talks about how there are people who have died for using music to protest their governments. Yet most of the music I hear seems to serve no practical purpose - music for music sake. One of my favorite "old" groups was the O'Jays and they had a song called "Message in our Music". What is the message in most of the music we hear today? Have you really listened to the lyrics of some the top songs? What amazes me most is how much of it actually makes it on the radio.

  3. Madonna Dedicates Song to Teen Shot by Taliban:

    It is unfortunate that in the universal struggle for human rights, such a basic right as education, readily accessible to those of us in the western hemisphere, is blatantly denied in other cultures based on race, ethnicity, or in this case, sex. More unfortunate is the fact that many of us with free access to basic education seem to take it for granted and often portray the sentiment that events occurring on the other side of the world have bearing on our lives.

    Women make up more than half the world population, yet their cries for basic rights and equalities go unheard outside of their own communities. Human rights organizations play a major role in highlighting isolated cases of abuses, but for each situation identified, hundreds more go unnoticed.

    I applaud celebrities who lend their voices in bringing attention to such atrocities. Madonna has long been a strong and vocal advocate for the world's underprivileged and underserved (along with Bono and Angelina Jolie). Although they have achieved international stardom, they have not forgotten that they are still intimately tied to the rest of the human race. Entertainment figures often have more powerful voices than politicians in bringing attention to, and persuading the masses to protest social inequities. Their influence is evident in the demand for their work/performances across geographical boundaries. They bring people together despite differences in cultural beliefs or political affiliations, creating a call to action in supporting what is socially responsible.


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