Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ResearchMethods: Library Research & APA Style: Finding Books & Journals(U4-P1) Sp13

How to find a book in the library?
  1. Keyword list (Most Important Step)
  2. On-line catalog
  3. Record call #, title & other need info.
    1. Can print out the full citation, 
    2. email to phone, etc.
  4. Retrieve the book

How do you look for journal articles?
  1. Keyword list. (Most Important Step)
  2. Identify relevant indexes/databases
  3. Search relevant indexes/databases.
  4. Record full citation.
  5. Check library for journal’s call #
  6. Retrieve article
    1. Either in the library or online

What are the some comm journals published by the NCA? What is NCA?
  • Communication Monographs
  • Quarterly Journal of Speech
  • Critical Studies in Mass Communication
  • Communication Education
  • Journal of Applied Communication

What are the some comm journals published by the ICA? What is ICA?
  • Human Communication Research
  • Journal of Communication
  • Communication Theory

What are some journals published by the AEJMC?  What is AEJMC?

Some Bonus Tips...

What are some free online sources that may help with gathering background information about your research topic?  How could they be used in research?

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