Monday, November 4, 2013

DigPhotog: Smart Phone Photography: Tips and Tricks [VID] (U9-P1) Fa13

Let's now focus specifically on smart phone photography. Note the several pieces of advice that are offered.

In the video above the tap feature was mentioned. A tap on the screen sets the focus and the exposure. In the video below they talk about an app that un-bundles this and allows you to set the focus and exposure separately. Why is that important?

In the video below, also note also the helpful advice about using a smart phone to do street photography, especially the use of the earphones. Toward the end of the following video there is also some helpful advice on finding your photography style.  We've talked about the importance of finding your style previously.

In the video above, the ProCamera app is mentioned because it separates or "un-bundles" exposure and focus. However, ProCamera is only for the iPhone. For an app that separates focus and exposure and is also available on Android, see Camera 360 [Apple | Android].

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