Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MediaTech: DigPhotog: Composition and the Moving Image [VID] (U11 Activity)

Besides using your smart phone camera to take photographs (still images), you can also use your smart phone camera to take video (moving images).

Your smart phone or tablet apps are now taking advantage of this.  On Instagram, for example, you can now post 15 second videos along with your photographs.

Do note that when shooting video on your smart phone or tablet, the rules of composition still apply.  And now that you are adding more time and movement to the shooting of a subject, you can do some interesting things with the still photography rules of composition.

Note the for rule of composition discussed below.

Note also the techniques of getting a good hand-held video shot below.  The video below is about using a professional video camera, but the same techniques apply to you using your smart phone or tablet camera.

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