Thursday, November 7, 2013

MassMedia: Open Source Education, Open Source Textbooks and Wikibooks (U10-P1) Fa13

Along with TV and film, books are part of the mass media universe.  We've talked about books previously.
Our attention now shifts to a special type of book, the textbook, a topic near and dear to the hearts of college students and faculty.

Let's focus on a key issue.  College textbooks are expensive and are getting more expensive. What can be done to address this issue?

What is an open textbook?  Open education?   Is this blog, especially the course related content on this blog an example of open education?  Would an Intro. to Mass Comm. wikibook be an example of open education?

More from Dr. Wiley via a TED Talk.

Let's add another perspective.  In the next video, Dr. Baraniuk talks about how new ideas from the music industry can be used in the realm of books and textbooks.  (Note: This is another TED Talk.  What is a TED Talk and how does it relate to open source education?).

Now with a good understanding of the open source textbook concept, read about the idea of a Wikibook and skim through a couple of examples of introductory wikibook textbooks (Introduction to Sociology and Elements of Political Communication).  How does a wikibook textbook fit into the above conversation about open source textbooks?

Lastly, set up an account so that you can work on a Wikibook and also edit any Wikipedia article.  What would a Intro. to Mass Media wikibook textbook look like?  What would it include?

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