Friday, January 31, 2014

DigPhotog: Your Photography Motivations & Style (U3-P1) Sp14

In his book, The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Photography, Miotke suggests some questions a photog should ask "prior to heading out."

Both when you’re in the field and prior to heading out, it’s helpful to ask yourself a few questions about your goals and the way in which you approach things. For example:
  1. What’s your motive for picture-taking? (Do you want to share experiences with friends and family, to simply have fun, to preserve memories, to fill scrapbooks, to tell a story, to get a job as a photographer, or to become rich and famous? What drives you to make photos?) 
  2. Do you have any particular interests that lend themselves to inspired photography? (If you like to travel, your digital photography subjects will be very different from someone who is primarily interested in photographing children at home.) 
  3. What’s your style? (Would you consider yourself organized and punctual? Are you a pack rat or someone who likes to clear things out? Do you like to shoot just one shot every so often, or do you like to “shoot first, and ask questions later”?) Figure out your own personal shooting style."

What are your answers to these questions?

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