Monday, January 20, 2014

GlobalMedia: Fortner's Characteristics of International Communication (U1-P3) Sp14

  1. Intentionality
    1. intentional - e.g., Voice of America (listen now)
    2. unintentional - e.g., radio "spillover"
  2. Channels
    1. public - e.g., TV or radio broadcast
    2. private - e.g., encrypted Internet message
  3. Distributive Technologies
    1. radio/TV waves, cables/wires, film/cassettes, CDs, etc.
  4. Content Form
    1. entertainment
    2. news
    3. information/data
  5. Cultural Consequences
    1. Dominant countries impose cultural values on other countries?
    2. MTV stations in Asia?
  6. Political Nature
    1. "All [INC] is political in one way or another" (Fortner).
    2. Political = power/control
How does the following international communication news story fit into the above?
Twitter account associated with Iran's leader criticises France ((The Daily Star :: Lebanon News )

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