Wednesday, October 23, 2013

InterculturalCom: Effective Intercultural Com: Anxiety & Uncertainty - Bricks 3 & 4 (U9-P4) Fa13

Before moving on to anxiety (Brick #3) and uncertainty (Brick #4), I should point out that we've already covered Bricks 1 and 2.

What are they?  What are thing we've already covered that lead to difficulty in intercultural situations?

They are difference in language (Brick #1) and differences in nonverbal communication (Brick #2).

Before moving to the next bricks, one last question: How do you tear down this part of the wall, how do you fix differences in language and nonverbal communication?

And now, anxiety and uncertainty.

How does uncertainty lead to anxiety?  Got an example?

How do you "tear down" these brick?   Which one would you fix first and once you fixed it would you have the second problem?

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