Monday, October 21, 2013

"221B: The Sherlock Holmes Web-Series 01: "No Place Like Holmes"" (My New Fav Vimeo Vid) [VID]

I just added this video as a favorite on my Vimeo account.

Originally uploaded to Vimeo by Carter deLaat.

See Video: 221B: The Sherlock Holmes Web-Series 01: "No Place Like Holmes"

Description: " LIKE US Part 1/5 EPISODE TWO: It’s 1891 and military doctor, John Watson has returned home to England after a long and dangerous Afghanistan campaign. Seeking lodgings at an affordable price, he finds himself at 221B Baker St. Where he meets a young, volatile, brilliant and eccentric woman.... named Sherlock Holmes. 221B: The Sherlock Holmes Web Series was developed by Filmmaker Carter deLaat (House of Wolves, Mad Dog) focusing on the companionship of pop- culture’s most famous investigating duo: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. The series puts an emphasis on the home-life of the classic "odd couple". Showing the dangerous life style Watson gets himself into living with Holmes after recently returning from Afghanistan. The period piece revolves around the mental trials Holmes puts Watson through in their Victorian London flat, keeping the doctor constantly on his toes. The series features guest characters including the faithful landlady Mrs. Hudson and the nefarious villain, Professor James Moriarty. The series will consist of five episodes, running from five to 8 mins in length each. They will be uploaded here and plat-formed through local sites including the Township of Brock website. 221B is the first iteration to feature a FEMALE Sherlock Holmes. This opens up a whole new audience and window into the classic characters, giving it a new spin (considering Holmes holds the world record for most portrayals). While now a female character, she is still definitely Doyle's Holmes. Brilliant, eccentric and volatile. It's been an interesting journey to see actually how well things translate to a female Holmes. Eg. The whole idea of Holmes creating the career of a "consulting detective" takes a new meaning, due to the fact that a female detective in Scotland Yard was unheard of at the time. While not the grand Sherlockian mystery most are used to, 221B emphasizes the domestic side of the mystery solving duo, often leading to comedic, puzzling and dangerous results. Giving a fresh perspective to the English Icons."

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