Saturday, February 8, 2014

GlobalMedia: Intercultural Com: Why Study Intercultural Com? (U4-P7) Sp14

imperative: "not to be avoided or evaded." (Merriam-Webster's)

So an imperative is something that can't be avoided.

Why study intercultural communication?  Because we can't avoid it.  For example, continuing advances in communication and transportation technologies will mean more and more people from different cultures will come in contact.

  • Technological imperative
    • Communication Technology
    • Transportation Technology
  • Demographical imperative
    • U.S. Demographics (e.g., raise in Hispanic pop.)
    • Immigration
  • Economic imperative (globalization)
  • Peace imperative
  • Self-awareness imperative
  • Ethical imperative

Why is it important to understand intercultural communication when studying development and global communication?  What is the relationship?

Based on Martin & Nakayama

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