Saturday, February 1, 2014

ResearchMethods: Topics, RQs & H's: Research Topics (U3-P1) [VID] Sp14

Media Research Topics

What media research topics do you find interesting?
Are they meaningful? Helpful?
What topic areas within media do you want to understand better?

What are the criteria for selecting research topics?
  • Basic or Applied
  • Scope
  • Depth.

The importance of identifying and defining concepts relevant in research?

Let's say you are interested in humor in the media as a research topic.

Example: Developing conceptual definitions of humor
A possible conceptual definition of humor: “Messages that violate expectancies for the purpose of play.”

Watch a few comedians on Comedy Central see how the definition works or doesn't.

Or check out the video below.  Does humor help this video?  Does humor help make a video popular on Youtube.

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