Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ATN:MyStudents: The Annual NSU MCJR New York Trip

NSU MCJR is going to NYC again this year.  For many years MCJR faculty have been taking MCJR students to NYC to tour several entertainment and news organizations and meet some big-names.  NSU MCJR students, if you are interested, please attend the interest meeting on Monday, August 29th in Madison 139.  Please note that there are travel costs involved and that there is a limit to how many students can go.  So, please attend.



  1. Has this been re-scheduled again as campus is closed on Monday?

  2. On Thursday when I was teaching MCM510 I think I saw a note on the classroom whiteboard that said that this has been re-scheduled. Be sure to check with the main office on Tuesday.


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