Thursday, August 25, 2011

ATN:MyStudents: [VID] @NSU Campus - Spike Lee & Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee (2007) Photo by Hans Reitzema (CC)

As mentioned before Spike Lee will be on our campus to speak on September 12.

Before his arrival we will be showing and discussing two of his films (Do the Right Thing and Bamboozled)

Dr. Jackson will introduce Bamboozled on September 10th and I will introduce Do the Right Thing on September 9th.  The films will be shown in the Midrise Junior Commons starting at 7 p.m.  Please note that Spike Lee will not be at the showing of the films.  Also note that seating is limited. First-come, first served-seating.

Been a while since you seen Do the Right Thing?  Check out the trailer below.

Do the Right Thing [Blu-ray]

The films are presented by the NSU Honors College and the NSU Department of Communications and Journalism.


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