Monday, September 17, 2012

For Fellow Faculty: This Week's News (9/16/12) - Google in Higher Ed, College in the Cloud & Other News [VID]

Here are some news articles that I've read, in whole or in part.  My fellow faculty members, I thought you might also have an interest in the articles. If you'd want to talk about or offer your comments about any of these, just post a comment below.


New on YouTube: 

Google Plus for Higher Education (31 educational uses for Google+ - YouTube 

Note: They are using Google+ Hangouts to do this video conference call.

FYI - The Headlines:

Taking Care of the Teacher

FYI - Teaching Tech:

Note: Some of the Chronicle articles may not have the full story. Usually they offer just the lead of the story and charge for full access.  However, your university probably has full access.  If you are interested in a Chronicle story from above, check with your universities library site.  For example, my university (NSU), offers access to the full articles.

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