Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mass Media in the News (Week of 9/2/12) -- Social Media at RNC & Other News [VID]



The Stream - Social media inside the Republican Convention - YouTube 

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  1. CNN Camerawoman On Harassment At RNC: ‘I hate that it happened, but I’m not surprised at all’

    I think it is sad that in 2012, even as an African American continues to hold the highest office in the land, such public displays of bigotry can still exist in one of the most high profile political arenas. This event certainly put a black eye on a Republican Party already struggling to court black voters. There is no doubt that the party hierarchy does not condone such actions, but it's unfortunate that this entire presidential race could not run its course without one blatant act of racism.

  2. Post from Eboni:
    "I understand the importance of social media and its impact on the upcoming election, but in this situation can you take the numbers and data collected seriously? I can tweet that I’m in favor of candidate X, but I may not be registered to vote. Twitter doesn’t do a criminal background check, and there isn’t an age requirement to have a twitter account. This Twitter Political Index that follows how people feel regarding the candidates political views is nice to have but really what’s the point…"

    1. Eboni you raise a good point. Could one political party or another use false Twitter accounts to skew the results? Some validity issues with the Twitter survey.

    2. I'd even go as far as to questions validy issues with many (if not all)survey. Both the people answering the survey and the one giving the survey have agendas and results can be read many ways.


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