Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mass Media in the News (Week of 9/9/12) -- Obama Tweet Record & Other News [VID]


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  1. Steve Harvey, the new 'King of All Media?'

    Although I'm not a huge Steve Harvey fan, I am happy for his success. I'm most impressed with his intuitive understanding of the media industry, and especially in his ability to excel in so many areas including, television, radio, film and print. He has maximized the use of social media for marketing and promotes all of his ventures through the use of existing activities, thereby tapping into a built-in audience. My hat goes off to him.

  2. Replies
    1. I believe his secret is that he is real. Steve never tried to be trendy or hip. If you listen to his "shtick", it's the same as it's always been. He may have new material, but he has always presented himself the same way. In the Kings of Comedy when responding to some possible drama from a “big bad” guy in the audience he says ""Cause don't think for one minute, you can just whoop my a** Boogy. You get that sh** off your mind. You can forget about the WB and these d** suits. My a** is from the projects." And he means it, he will never forget his roots.

  3. I believe that he has developed a keen sense of what works in media, along with a strong connection with his audience. He has managed to take advantage of multiple media platforms, which enables him to maintain constant contact with fans and even allow other to discover him who may not listen to his radio program. This is evident in the fact that his audience-base extends well beyond the markets in which his syndicated program airs. He has made himself relevant, and that may be because he has become a keen student of what works in media.

  4. So, content is king? He knows what content (or topics) his audience wants to hear about?
    You don't have to answer these questions. In this one reply the questions are more rhetorical.

  5. TLC's "Breaking Amish" Debuts: Too Much Reality TV? - Newsy [VID]

    Sometimes I think it is best to leave well enough alone! The Amish are a very proud and private people. I know that it is 2012 and Mass Media is "all powerful" so to speak, but this is not the world they come from. Where is the line drawn for Reality TV?


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