Monday, September 12, 2011

AtnMyStudents: More Secrets of Success (Roommates, Zombies & Social Media) 9/12/11 [VID]

I do a lot of reading on the web (news sites, blogs, etc.).  When I do this reading I find a lot of info that would be helpful for students. So, I usually post a weekly "More Secrets of Success" entry on my blog which includes a lot of this info.  In a way this is a continuation of my "Secrets of Academic Success" posts from the past.  Hope this helps. Please let me know.

First, see the helpful "Lifehacker" video.  Then, see the other helpful links below.

More helpful info, check it out.

I'd also recommend this book: The Secrets of College Success (Professors' Guide)

Lot more helpful links on my AtnMyStudents bookmarks.

Have any feedback?  Like to suggest a future helpful video or link?  Please comment below.

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