Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Intercultural Communication in the News (Update) - Interfaith, NPR & Little Mosque on the Prairie [VID] [AUD]

I know this news story is a few weeks old, but I just heard it.  Take a listen to the story from NPR.

A Ramadan Story Of Two Faiths Bound In Friendship [Audio]

This story reminds me of a Canadian TV comedy called Little Mosque on the Prairie. 
See intro to episode #1 below.

What to see more?
What's the message of Little Mosque on the Prairie?  Do you think a show like this would work in the U.S.?

On and off I've been working on a paper about this show.  Here is some of the info I've gathered online.  Can you suggest any other sources?  Anybody interested in working together on this?

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