Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RePost: I'm Presenting My Social Media Research @ the Rochester Institute of Technology #smacsrit

UPDATE: I'll be tweeting some from the conference. Follow me and others there.

On Thursday September 29th I'll present a social media research paper at the Rochester Institute of Technology's Social Media and Communication Symposium (@SMACSRIT).

Video used to promote the symposium.

My paper is titled "Social Media Use within Mass Communication and Journalism" and the abstract is below.

Abstract: Along with the skyrocketing increase in the number of social media users in the past several years, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have also grown in terms of influence and importance. Given the popularity and importance of social media and given that mass communication and journalism departments and schools have the knowledge, skills and equipment to write and produce social media content, it would be expected that these departments and schools are strong proponents of social media use. However, results of this study show otherwise. Using diffusion of innovations theory to help explain the results, this paper answers the following three sets of questions: (1) How many mass communications departments or schools offer a social media course? How many courses include some coverage of social media? (2) To what degree are social media covered in introductory mass communications textbooks? (3) How many mass communications departments/schools have adopted the use of social media to help promote and building community within the department or school? How does this compare to social media use by their universities as a whole? Is there a difference between small departments and larger schools?

If you are interested in learning more, please let me know.  Send an email or leave a comment below.

Very soon after this conference I'll be submitting this paper for possible publication in an academic journal.  Your questions and feedback would greatly help.

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  1. How did this turn out? (Or should I know already?) I'm sure there's somewhere listed on your site where I can find out. I think an aspect of your research that would be most interesting to me is in learning how social media has affected the way classes are taught. However, that aspect might actually be more about research into new technologies and teaching. It seems though that the study of social media and mass comm would touch on this aspect. Does it? Secondly, I’m interested in the answer the third question listed in your abstract.

    1. This is a social media paper that I did last year. I just finished another paper on social media use during TV viewing. Let's be sure to talk about this during our next meeting, maybe the Google Hangout.

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