Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fav Daily Show Clip of the Week: Postal, Going, Going, Gone?

Hey, hey...

I got this great idea for a new communications technology.  I think it is even better than email.

Here's the idea:  What you do is have people write their message on sheets of paper.  And, then, then... get this  -- they put the message they wrote, let's call it a "letter," in a thing I'm calling an "envelope" and catch this -- this is where we make the big money -- we sell people a little a paper that they lick and then stick to the "envelope."  I know, I know... that sounds gross, but trust me they'll do it.  I just have this sense.  And, in exchange for all that money we get for the "stamp," we hire people to pick up and deliver the "envelopes" from place to place or post to post.  Whatcha think?  Think it'll work?  Think people will adopt this new communication technology?

Oh...wait...wait....that communication tech already exists......but, for how long?  Check out the video.

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In a bit of related news: Amazon Testing Locker System That Lets You Pick Up Package At 7-11


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