Wednesday, September 6, 2023

"MCJR News & Notes for September 2023 - Mass Communications & Department at Norfolk State University" (My New Liked Vid on YouTube) [VID]

MCJR News & Notes for September 2023 - Mass Communications & Department at Norfolk State University

"Thank you for visiting our channel on YouTube. We are the Mass Communications and Journalism department at Norfolk State University, an HBCU in Virginia. This is our video newsletter, the MCJR News and Notes. In the News & Notes, we share our stories with MCJR students, faculty, and alumni, and more broadly with our larger community on the Internet. In this edition of the News and Notes for September 2023, (1) we meet our new Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Dr. Wanda Brockington, (2) we learn about a mass communications and journalism student who earned a sports media scholarship, and (3) we hear the success stories of our faculty and our alumni. See the News & Notes video above for details and see even more background information on our stories below. --------------- Subscribe/Follow/Visit: YouTube: @mcjrnsu Instagram: Twitter/X: Site: --------------- Your Story Ideas: Do you have MCJR news you would like to share in the next edition of the News & Notes? Be a storyteller. Tell us your story so that we can share it proudly. ---------------- Story Backgrounds for This Episode: Grady James: NSU article -- Cathy Jackson: Full CBN interview -- April Woodard: Screening – Trailer of Freedom’s Path -- Jawn Murray: Article in Forbes -- Mike Nicolas: Awards program -- || One of his award-winning stories -- Brittany Brown: New album “Grey Area” -- Corey Grant: Trailer of Angie’s Cure -- Booker T Mattison: Trailer of Twisted Marriage Therapist -- Madia Brown: News story -- Temesha Siler-McNeill: Instagram story -- Ahmad Garnett: News story -- NSU Scholarship Universe: See bottom of page -- CREW: QEP -- NSU Academic Calendar: Fall 2023 -- Storyteller: Share your story -- -------------- Corrections: None as of 9/6/23. -------------- Tags: #MassCommunication #Journalism #CollegeMajor #CollegeDegree #Degree #NorfolkState #HBCU #Newsletter #Alumni #Faculty ---------------- Comments/questions? Please share below."
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Saturday, August 26, 2023

"New Trailers This Week | Week 34 (2023)" (My New Liked Vid on YouTube) [VID]

New Trailers This Week | Week 34 (2023)

"Here are the new movies trailers from this week! What are you excited to see? ► Buy Movie Tickets: Subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to be notified of all the hottest trailers: ► Shop Rotten Tomatoes: 00:00 Rebel Moon 03:29 Freelance 06:04 Good Burger 2 06:39 Leo 07:47 Foe 09:52 Cassandro 11:55 Reptile 14:22 The Marsh King’s Daughter 16:47 It Lives Inside 17:56 Flora and Son 20:10 My Sailor, My Love 22:09 Carlos: The Santana Journey 24:05 Mambar Pierrette 25:56 The Origin of Evil Music: Courtesy of Extreme Music Watch More: ► Rotten Tomatoes Originals: ► Fresh New Clips: ► Hot New Trailers: ► New TV This Week: Rotten Tomatoes TRAILERS delivers hot new trailers, exclusive content, and first looks for all the best upcoming movies. Be the first to see everything coming to theaters and your favorite streaming platforms - all in one place!"
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Sunday, May 21, 2023

"Advanced Midjourney V5.1 Guide (Ultra Realistic AI Photography in Minutes)" (My New Liked Vid on YouTube) [VID]

Advanced Midjourney V5.1 Guide (Ultra Realistic AI Photography in Minutes)

"Welcome to our comprehensive video guide on creating stunning, ultra-realistic images in minutes using Midjourney V5.1, a groundbreaking AI Photography tool. This tutorial offers an in-depth exploration of Midjourney's features, including writing effective prompts with ChatGPT, the new 'describe' function, and multiprompting techniques. We'll start by discussing Midjourney's describe function, a powerful tool for generating image prompts, then delve into using ChatGPT for writing compelling prompts. The magic of multiprompting, where you can blend multiple prompts to create complex images, will also be covered. Next, we'll cover the technical aspects of AI Photography, including camera choices, lenses, shot types, and lighting. You'll learn how to choose the ideal camera and lens for your vision and how different camera angles and shot types can affect your image's narrative. We'll then explore unique visual styles inspired by renowned filmmakers and photographers, demonstrating how to infuse your images with a distinctive cinematic or photographic style. The tutorial also provides insights into manipulating factors such as age, skin, and diversity in your images, allowing you to create a wide range of characters and scenarios. Dive into the world of fashion with our guide on how to control the outfit and apparel of your subjects in Midjourney. Learn how to direct the mood and atmosphere of your AI photos using color manipulations and how to experiment with different textures and material properties to enhance your artistic expression. Finally, we'll cover advanced image upscaling techniques using AI tools like Gigapixel AI by Topaz Labs and Pixelbin to create ultra HD images. This guide to mastering Midjourney and AI Photography is jam-packed with resources, examples, and practical tips. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, this video will equip you with the tools you need to create award-winning, hyper-realistic AI images. For more guides and tutorials on AI tools and content creation, subscribe to our channel and give this video a thumbs up."
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