Monday, January 16, 2012

DigPhotog: Intro to Photography: Mentors - Gordon Parks (U1-P1)

File:Gordon Parks.jpg
Gordon Parks, 1963,
(public domain photo)
One way to begin your study of digital photography is start with a close study of photographs.  Before taking photographs, study photographs.  Be able to critique a photograph first.  Be able to say what is a good photograph and why and then go out and take good photographs based on what you learned in your study of good photographs.

Instead of studying just any photo though, it would be best to start with a study of photographs taken by some of the great photographers.

I'd suggest that you find two or three great photographers that can serve as your mentors.  Start by visiting the Masters of Photography site.  You may find other similar sites online.

I'd encourage you to consider Gordon Parks as one of your mentors. In addition to being a photographer, Parks was an artist, a composer, an author, and a film director (e.g., Shaft).

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