Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Be a Member of NSU's NBS chapter

I recently received this message from John Hamilton, the President of NSU's chapter of NBS.

"I am contacting you in order to inform you and the entire Mass Communications and Journalism department about this opportunity that will be available for a LIMITED time only!!! For those of you who are not aware NBS is a media focused student organization that provides many great opportunities. Opportunities such as trips, productions, event planning, networking, innovation, exposure, etc. If this sounds like the organization for you then you MUST take advantage of this opportunity! NBS is currently collecting member dues. These dues consist of a chapter fee of $10 and a national fee of $25. A total of $35. The FIRST 20 members to pay their dues will be given a $10 refund once we reach the 20 member mark!!! Paying NBS member dues opens up a plethora of opportunities. The most notable is eligibility to be sponsored by the university in order to represent NSU at the annual NBS National Convention and show why NSU's Mass Communications and Journalism department is the best in the country! This year's 70th annual National Convention will be held in Jersey City, NJ on the outskirts of New York City. We will be given networking opportunities as well as opportunities to compete with Universities such as Miami University, Marshall, Texas A&M, University of Florida, Oregon, etc. For more info on the National Convention visit We are well past the halfway mark so space is very LIMITED for this discount opportunity. If you are interested reply to this email and I will give you all of the information you need."

If you are interested contact John or contact me and I'll get the word to John.

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