Tuesday, August 30, 2016

InterculturalCom: Pops and Why Study Intercultural Communication? (W2-P6) Fa16

It is imperative to study intercultural communication.
What does imperative mean? Imperative: "impossible to deter or evade” (Dictionary.com).

  • Technological imperative - technology is increasing intercultural interaction
    • Communication Technology
    • Transportation Technology
  • Demographic imperative (in U.S.)
    • U.S. Demographics (e.g., raise in Hispanic pop.)
    • Immigration
  • Economic imperative (globalization) - to do well in business, it is important
  • Peace imperative / "A Wonderful World" (see video below)
  • Self-awareness imperative - as we look to better understand others, we also come to better understand ourselves.
  • Ethical imperative - it is the right thing to do

How does this relate to the previous post about hazards and benefits?

Source: Intercultural Communication in Context by Martin and Nakayama

"Hey Pops, what do you mean 'A Wonderful World'..."

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