Tuesday, October 3, 2017

SocietyMassCom: Progressivism, the Fourth Estate, Muckrackers and Ida B. Wells (W7-P1) Fa17

Politics and the Media

What should  the relationship be between media and government?
What should  the relationship be between news and politics?


Political ideology: “A political ideology is a coherent set of views on politics and the role of the government” (Cliff Notes).

Progressivism is an example of a political ideology.

Progressivism:  “the support for or advocacy of social reform” (Wikipedia).
Progressivism:  “philosophy-ideology who believed in measured, moderate progress (change) opposed to conservatism, which advocates for [minimal] change” (Urbandictionary.com).

The Progressive Era: Crash Course US History (0:00-7:45)

Still hear of progressivism today?

The Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate: “The people and organizations that report the news, or news journalism as a whole, regarded as having palpable but unofficial political influence” (thefreedictionary.com)

What is the relationship between progressivism and the Fourth Estate?

Muckrackers and Ida B. Wells

muckrakers: "Journalism, particularly magazine journalists, who in the early 20th century conducted investigative journalism on major corporations and government, and dubbed Muckrakers for the "muck" they uncovered” (Palik & McIntosh, p. 86).

Ida B. Wells "Female African American journalist in the latter nineteenth century who wrote and fought against racism and lynching of blacks” (Pavlik & McIntosh, p. 224).

Ida B Wells - Civil Rights Pioneer

Ida B. Wells: a Passion for Justice

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