Tuesday, October 31, 2017

SocietyMassCom: Writing a Screenplay - Campbell & Character Types (W11-P4) Fa17

Previously, we've covered how to write a story based on the three-act structure (e.g., Syd Field's approach). Now let's take a look at a different way of writing a story. Joseph Campbell first identified what he called the Hero's Journey, common story structure found around the world. He found this common story structure in a vast number of old myths from around the world.  Novelists and film directors started using Campell's work when they were writing their own stories.  The most famous example of a film which was shaped by Campbell's work is George Lucas' Star Wars. After the success of Star Wars, many script writers began using the Campbell's ideas. Today there are a number of books on how to use Cambell's ideas in script writing.

However, let's skip the books and get some insight from the videos below.

Campbell is most famous for his "hero's journey" which is his version of a dramatic act structure in film or other types of stories.

However, for our purposes here, let's set aside Campell's plot structure and just focus on what Campbell says about the types of characters often found in good films. 

Spotted any of these character types in your favorite films?

If you are curious about what Campbell says about dramatic plot structure, you could check the follow video about  at the hero's journey itself.

You spot the Hero's Journey in any of your favorite films?

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