Tuesday, March 27, 2018

ResearchMethods: Research Ethics: Ethical Questions a Researcher Should Ask (W12-P1) Sp18

Below are some ethical questions a researcher should ask when doing research, especially with human subjects.

1) Do subjects have free choice?

  • Free choice

    • Informed consent
    • Briefing/Debriefing - clear up any deception

    2) Are subjects shown respect?

  • Respect - e.g. sexism, racism

  • 3) Are subjects compensated in some way for their time and effort?

  • Compensation

    • Manus manum lavat = “one hand washes the other”

    4) Are the data collected kept safe and carefully analyzed?

  • When analyzing data--

    • Careful data handing
    • Careful data analysis

    5) Are data made available to other researchers?

  • When reporting data--

    • Keep data and make data available, if asked.

    6) What are the effects of your research on others after it is reported?  Does good?  Harm?

    • Using results

      • Consider the effects of research on those who use the results or are affected by them.

      What would you do?  A Test: Some Cases: What is Ethics in Research & Why is it Important?  After following this link, scroll down to the case studies.

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